As spring unfolds, hydration challenges take root across schools , sports and workplaces . These heavily marketed hydration challenges serve to cultivate both camaraderie and friendly competition to ensure that we drink compulsory amounts of water throughout the day. Hydration and " Gallon Challenges " support the widely held belief that water consumption beyond physiological need -- or thirst -- is healthy. But this is not so. Individual body water needs -- intake -- are primarily based upon how much water people lose. How much water each person needs to drink mainly depends on three factors : Body weight. Bigger people need more water. Environmental temperature. When it's hotter, people sweat and lose water. Physical activity levels. Increased exercise intensity increases sweat water losses. Therefore, a "one size fits all" fluid replacement strategy, such as drinking eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day, is inappropriate for everyone. It remains unclear where the "8 x 8" water intake recommendation comes from. Perhaps, this two-liter intake threshold is derived from a misinterpretation of original recommendations offered by the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board in 1945 as well as the 2017 European Food Safety Authority , which states the daily recommended amount of water includes all beverages plus the moisture contained in foods. This means that the moisture contained in foods, especially fresh fruits, sodas, juices, soups, milk, coffee and, yes, even beer, contributes to this daily recommended water requirement. These guidelines go on to suggest that most of the recommended water content can be accomplished without drinking additional cups of plain water. READ MORE: What to drink with dinner to get the most iron from your food (and what to avoid) Now, you may be wondering why this is so. After all, you've heard from a lot of people that you need to drink more, more, more. Because total body water balance, or what we exercise scientists call homeostasis, is complicated, mammals survive by making real-time adjustments at the kidney .


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ET: Biden administration announces plan to begin offering booster vaccine shots next month as Delta variant spreads Top public health officials of the Biden administration announced Wednesday that they are recommending booster COVID-19 vaccine shots to help increase Americans' protection against COVID variants.  The booster shot would entail a third dose of the vaccine eight months after individuals received their second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. These doses would begin in late September. The plan would still need to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety and efficacy.  Officials are still awaiting data to determine actions for those who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, though they have suggested they will likely also need additional shots.  9:31 a.m. ET: Stocks open lower, extending Tuesday's declines Here's where markets were trading shortly after the opening bell:  S&P 500 ( ^GSPC ): -10.47 (-0.24%) to 4,437.61 Dow ( ^DJI ): -116.26 (-0.33%) to 35,227.02 Nasdaq ( ^IXIC ): -17.21 (-0.12%) to 14,646.99 Crude ( CL=F ): +$0.61 (+0.92%) to $67.20 a barrel Gold ( GC=F ): +$2.40 (+0.13%) to $1,790.20 per ounce 10-year Treasury ( ^TNX ): +1.5 bps to yield 1.273% 8:46 a.m. ET: Housing starts slid by the most since April last month New homebuilding fell much more than expected in July as materials shortages and labor scarcities restricted overall housing market activity.  Housing starts fell 7.0% in July, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday, which marked the biggest monthly drop since April. Consensus economists were looking for a 2.6% decline, according to Bloomberg data. In June, housing starts had risen at a 3.5% rate. Starts for single-family homes fell 4.5%, contributing heavily to the decline. Building permits, however, came in faster than expected, signaling a pick-up in homebuilding down the line. These rose at a 2.6% monthly rate, or more than double the pace anticipated. That followed a 5.3% drop during the prior month.  7:30 a.m. ET: Stock futures point to a mixed open amid retail earnings S&P 500 futures ( ES=F ): -3.5 points (-0.08%) at 4,440.00 Dow futures ( YM=F ): -72.00 points (-0.2%) to 35,187.00 Nasdaq futures ( NQ=F ): +14.25 points (+0.1%) to 15,011.75 Crude ( CL=F ): +$0.64 (+0.96%) to $67.23 a barrel Gold ( GC=F ): -$1.60 (-0.09%) to $1,786.20 per ounce 10-year Treasury ( ^TNX ): +1.7 bps to yield 1.275%  7:28 a.m. ET: Lowe's tops Q2 earnings, sales estimates and raises guidance despite home-improvement slowdown Lowe's ( LOW ) shares gained in the pre-market session after the company topped second-quarter earnings and sales expectations and raised its forecast for the full-year, even as consumer demand for home improvement projects moderated from the past year's peak. Adjusted earnings of $4.25 per share were better than the $4.01 expected, according to Bloomberg consensus data. And though comparable sales fell 1.6% and turned negative compared to the 34.2% growth rate posted last year, the print was still better-than-feared, with analysts having looked for a 1.9% drop in same-store sales. Lowe's also upgraded its full-year revenue forecast, saying it expected to bring in about $92 billion in sales for comparable sales growth of 30% on a two-year basis. 7:15 a.m. ET: Target shares dip after Q2 earnings beat fails to impress Wall Street Target ( TGT ) posted second-quarter sales and profits that topped consensus expectations , but shares still fell in the pre-market session as the report failed to impress those looking for a bigger beat. The retailer posted comparable same-store sales growth of 8.9%, which was better than the 8.2% rate consensus analysts were looking for, according to Bloomberg data. However, this came down significantly from the 24.3% growth in the same quarter last year, when stay-in-place orders were at their height in the U.S.