His publications include two books and several articles. LESS ... MORE Russia revises its cyber strategy from time to time, keeping in view the fast-changing security environment and threats which are growing world-over in geometrical progression. Russia likes to use the term “information Security”. On 12th April 2021, Russian President Putin approved the latest International Information Security Strategy, which comprises its strategic planning, official views on the essence of international information security, the main threats to international information security, and its objectives in this field. This document clearly indicates the linkages between the National Security Strategy and Russia’s concept of Foreign Policy with the Doctrine of the Information Security. This is not new but this receives higher priority in the current document. Similarly, the ‘preservation of people of Russia and development of human potential’ has been presented as the leading goal this time, though it was also mentioned in earlier document. For information security, the National Coordination Centre for Computer Incidents has specific role and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation deals with the development of technologies, personal data processing and internet governance. The overall strategic decisions are taken by the Security Council of the Russian Federation to ensure the implementation of the directions of the Russian President. This indicates how Russia views the significance of cyberspace for national security. The current document describes three fundamentals of the Russian global approach in this arena: on front page a) to promote Russian approaches to the formation of a system for ensuring international information security and Russian initiatives in the field of international information security; b) to promote the creation of international legal mechanisms for the prevention (settlement) of interstate conflicts in the global information space; c) the organization of interdepartmental cooperation in the implementation of state policy in the field of international information security. Importantly, it considers the cyberspace as the global information space, which is governed on the basis of universally recognized principles and norms of international law and on the terms of equal partnership, for the maintenance of international peace, security and stability. In this, both international and state institutions have roles. The Russian document indicates the main threats, covering all dimensions from international peace and stability, violations of state territorial integrity, support to terrorism/extremism to interference in internal affairs, attacks on critical infrastructure and various types of criminal activities. It states the Russian commitment for the establishment of an international legal regime, in which conditions are created for the prevention (settlement) of interstate conflicts in the global information space, as well as for the formation of a system for ensuring international information security taking into account the national interests of the Russian Federation. It intends to work with the support of the United Nations (UN) of the Convention on Ensuring International Information Security. It commits to conduct on a regular basis bilateral and multilateral expert consultations, coordinating positions and main areas of cooperation in the field of international information security with the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the BRICS association, the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Group of Twenty and international organizations.


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UKRI is a funding heavyweight within Europe, he says, and its push for open access shows there is a “worldwide movement” among big research funders in the same direction. “We are hoping that this will be an example for many other large funders in the world,” Rooryck says, including in China, Japan, and the United States. Although the requirement for zero-embargo green open access is significant, the policy is still “evolutionary rather than revolutionary,” says David Prosser, executive director of the library consortium Research Libraries UK. It clears up some confusion about when UKRI will pay the fees that journals charge for gold open access, he says: never for journals that offer a mix of paywalled and open-access content, unless the journal is part of an agreement to transition to exclusively open access for all research papers. (More than half of U.K. papers are covered by transitional agreements, according to UKRI.) “This will make it easier for institutions, for authors, and for publishers to know where they stand,” Prosser says. UKRI will nearly double the funding it provides for supporting open access—including gold open-access fees–from £24 million to £47 million per year. UKRI says it will unveil more details of the policy in November. It has not yet said, for example, whether it will fund gold open-access fees for journals—including Nature—that have made some open-access commitments but are not covered by a full transitional agreement approved by Jisc, a nonprofit U.K. group that negotiates journal subscriptions on behalf of universities. With implementation of the policy still nearly a year away, UKRI thinks there will be enough time that “there will be sufficient, affordable, sustainable choice” for researchers, Wingham says. Publishers have resisted the new requirements. The Publishers Association, a member organization for the U.K. publishing industry, circulated a document saying the policy would introduce confusion for researchers, threaten their academic freedom, undermine open access, and leave many researchers on the hook for fees for gold open access—which it calls the only viable route for researchers. The publishing giant Elsevier, in a letter sent to its editorial board members in the United Kingdom, said it had been working to shape the policy by lobbying UKRI and the U.K. government, and encouraged members to write in themselves. Elsevier directed requests for comment on the new policy to the Publishers Association, which released a statement calling green open access unsustainable, particularly for small publishers.